Corporate Collections

Curators of corporate collections have to juggle exhibiting art pieces to a wide audience around the world and the problems that arise in the art conservation setting, such as how to exhibit the work as intended while ensuring the artwork is not exposed to unfavorable microclimatic conditions. Artworks enrich offices, meeting rooms, corridors and foyers, all of which may not meet the environmental conditions that a particular artwork requires. Optimal climatic conditions cannot be guaranteed as the climate control in such workspaces is set individually by staff. The curator is faced with a problem – how to ensure optimal conditions in an exhibition space that cannot be directly controlled?

Climate Logging

ArtGuardian, a continuous microclimate monitoring system, is the perfect solution. Once the ArtGuardian sensor has been attached to the artwork, the ArtGuardian system monitors all relevant parameters – around the clock, anywhere in the world. The data are updated at set intervals, with an upcoming feature allowing users to define the intervals themselves, and can be securely accessed at any time. An automatic alert is dispatched if any of the predefined parameters are exceeded. With this outstanding degree of transparency, safety and security, the innovative ArtGuardian system makes an important contribution to preserving our global cultural heritage.