Lending and Transport

Loaning out valuable artworks responsibly always presents museums with new challenges. Many different processes have to be coordinated when an object leaves a museum. Regardless of how trusted the borrowing institution is, the object, which, after all, must be preserved for future generations, is being entrusted to strangers and will no longer be under the watchful eyes of its custodians. The moment the piece begins its journey, it is exposed to a variety of hazards, including an inhomogeneous microclimate. Even the conservator accompanying the artwork can only minimize these hazards to a limited extent and cannot ensure proper control of the climatic conditions during transport and exhibition.

Transparency and Protection

ArtGuardian, a continuous microclimate monitoring system, is the perfect solution. Once the ArtGuardian sensor has been attached to the artwork, the ArtGuardian system monitors all relevant parameters – around the clock, anywhere in the world. The data are updated at set intervals, with an upcoming feature allowing users to define the intervals themselves, and can be securely accessed at any time. An automatic alert is dispatched if any of the predefined parameters are exceeded. With this outstanding degree of transparency, safety and security, the innovative ArtGuardian system makes an important contribution to preserving our global cultural heritage.