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Collections care with Fraunhofer IZM climate monitoring

Secure Your personal ArtGuardian!.


Two bibles – more than thousand years old – in the Berlin Bode-Museum

Using the new ArtGuardian system the precondition set by the owner to be able to check the climate condition within the closed glass cabinet remotely could be fulfilled – two more than thousand years old bibles from the London British Library have been lent for the first time ever. [Article]

The “Carpet Seller” monitored by the ArtGuardian System

The new ArtGuardian System has passed again a real live test supporting the exhibition of a very damageable a in the simultaneously precious Artwork, Hamdi Beys „The Carpet Seller“, in critical circumstances. [Article]

ArtGuardian wins the iF Design Award 2015


The ArtGuardian System convinces not only by its totally new functionality, it is also a real innovation regarding its design approach. So it is not surprising that the iF jury could not ignore the ArtGuardian System. In this year an international, high-level iF iury had the decision to choose the winner of the iF DESIGN AWARD 2015 of about 5.000 candidates – beneath the ArtGuardian System!  

ArtGuardian hitches a ride to London!

The Jacob Blessing the Sons of Joseph, one of the most important oil painting by Dutch artist Rembrandt van Rijn, is part of an exhibition, going first into the National Gallery in London and then into the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. For especial security aspects this artwork has been equipped with the new ArtGuardian Sensor System. A second sensor system was shipped to London two weeks earlier in order to transfer the climate conditions from London to Kassel being monitored by the conservator-restorer in charge Anne Harmssen.
IF Design Award